Year 1/2 - Mrs R Wilkinson

Welcome back Y1/2. We hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break and are ready for the Summer Term. Please continue to help your child with any spellings, reading and homework that is given out in this important term. Children in Year 2 will be sitting two Maths and Reading tests and three English Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation tests at the end of May.


Spellings and Homework

Spellings and homework will be given out on Fridays. These have to be returned by Wednesday of the next week, when we also have our spelling test. Please practise spellings with your child at some point every day. All the children who have completed their homework will also go into a weekly prize draw.  



Please make sure that reading books are in school every day, as your child will read to an adult at some time throughout the week. Your child’s reading book will be changed 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Please make sure that you write a comment in their reading record to show how they are getting on with the book they have been given. This way, we can make sure that your child is reading the books they can understand and enjoy. You do not always have to read the entire book every night. Focus on 2 pages and talk about the characters, setting and plot in a lot of detail. You might want to take it in turns to read so your child can hear how you read.



Please make sure that your child has their kit in school every day. PE will continue to be on a Wednesday. They should wear a white or blue t-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers or pumps for outdoor sessions.


Summer 1 Topic – Space

During the first part of our Summer Term we will be learning about the very first moon landing and why it remains such an important historical event in our living history. Through our topic, we will be learning about the events of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon and understanding why the achievements of the astronaut Neil Armstrong make him a significant figure in History now. We are very excited about a planetarium visit we have coming to school to help us understand more. We will continue to learn about materials in our Science topic, conducting different investigations about the properties of lots of everyday materials. We have taken inspiration from a painting created by the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh, for our Art work this half term. We will be looking at his piece called ‘Starry Night’, and making our very own starry pictures using some of the same painting techniques.



In English the children will be reading lots of space-themed books and developing their ideas for different characters and the adventurous that they may go on. We will be taking inspiration from the books ‘Bob the Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram, ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy and ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers to practise using adjectives, adverbs and good sentence punctuation. We will use these skills to build up to our own independent creative story writing and character descriptions by the end of the half term.

Y2 children will take three separate papers in grammar, spelling and punctuation:

  • Paper 1: a grammar and punctuation written task, taking approximately 20 minutes, and worth 15 marks. Children will be provided with a prompt and stimulus for a short piece of writing, with a clear text type, audience and purpose. Handwriting will be worth four per cent of the marks.
  • Paper 2: a grammar, punctuation and vocabulary test, in two sections of around 10 minutes each (with a break between, if necessary), worth 20 marks. This will involve a mixture of selecting the right answers e.g. through multiple choice, and writing short answers.
  • Paper 3: a 20-word spelling test taking approximately 15 minutes and is worth 10 marks.

In Reading we will be continuing to work in groups to share different types of book. We discuss the things we have read and give our thoughts and feelings about each book. We also try hard to answer questions about stories, thinking about how characters are feeling and why things have happened. The children will continue practising their phonics and the high frequency and common exception words. Please use the phonics mat we sent home with your child to practise.

The reading test for Year 2 pupils will involve two separate papers:

  • Paper 1 consists of a selection of texts totalling 400 to 700 words, with questions interspersed
  • Paper 2 comprises a reading booklet of a selection of passages totaling 800 to 1100 words. Children will write their answers in a separate booklet

Each paper is worth 50 per cent of the marks, and should take around 30 minutes, but children will not be strictly timed, as the tests are not intended to assess children’s ability to work at speed. The texts in the reading papers will cover a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and will get progressively more difficult towards the end of the test. Teachers will have the option to stop the test at any point that they feel is appropriate for a particular child.

There will be a variety of question types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Ranking/ordering, e.g. ‘Number the events below to show in which order they happened in the story’
  • Matching, e.g. ‘Match the character to the job that they do in the story’
  • Labelling, e.g. ‘Label the text to show the title’
  • Find and copy, e.g. ‘Find and copy one word that shows what the weather was like in the story’
  • Short answer, e.g. ‘What does the bear eat?’
  • Open-ended answer, e.g. ‘Why did Lucy write the letter to her grandmother? Give two reasons’.


In Maths we will be looking at measures. We will first look at telling the time to five minutes, including quarter to and quarter past. We will draw the hands on clock faces to show these times and compare and sequence intervals of time. We will then move on to measuring mass, weight, length and height, capacity and temperature. We will finish by describing movement and turns.  

The Maths test for Y2 children will comprise two papers:

Paper 1: arithmetic, worth 25 marks and taking around 15 minutes.

Paper 2: mathematical fluency, problem-solving and reasoning, worth 35 marks and taking 35 minutes. There will be a variety of question types: multiple choice, matching, true/false, completing a chart or table; drawing a shape, and questions where children have to show or explain their method. Children will not be able to use any tools such as calculators or number lines.

If you require any more information regarding the Y2 SATs tests or any other information please come and see us. We know this can feel like a very daunting time for the children, they just need to remember to try their best.


We would like to express our appreciation for all your continued support as we enter this important school term.


Mrs Wilkinson/Mrs Woodhead