KS2 SATS week 14th-18th May. KS1 SATS all of May and KS1 Phonics 11th - 15th June. Children must be in school-Thursday 25th January – 4.00pm Governing Body Meeting - Thursday 15th February Y6 Screening by School Nurse - Thursday 15th February 4.00 – 5.00pm Valentines Disco - Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February Half Term Holiday - Tuesday 27th February – 9.30am Resources Committee Meeting - Tuesday 27th March – 9.15am Celebration Assembly - Wednesday 28th March – 9.15am Easter Song & Story Assembly - Thursday 29th March Inset Day - Friday 30th March – Friday 13th April Easter Holiday


Resources Committee

Mr John Broadhead (Chair)

Mrs N Jones

Rev G Newton

Mrs K Salu-Huq (would attend for agenda items as needed)

Mr A Wilcock

Purpose: To provide support and challenge to the leadership of the school and to hold them to account in relation to the use of resources to support the priorities of the school, including:

  • the leadership of teaching and learning
  • the school budget
  • the employment and development of staff
  • the premises


Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Mrs V Horsfall

Mrs S Furniss

Mrs D Gilbert

Mrs G Hird

Mr A Wilcock

Purpose: To provide support and challenge to the leadership of the school and to hold them to account in relation to the quality of educational provision, including:

  • the quality of teaching and learning
  • pupil progress and outcomes for pupils
  • the quality of the curriculum provision and delivery
  • behaviour and safety of pupils


Steering Group

Mr J Broadhead

Mr A Wilcock

Mrs Salku-Huq (would attend as observer)

Purpose: To ensure the activities of the governing body are coordinated, efficient and productive.


Pay Committee

Rev G Newton

Mr J Broadhead

Mrs V Horsfall

Purpose: To review the outcomes and impact of the pay policy on an annual basis and to make decisions on staff pay following recommendations from the Headteacher after the annual appraisal cycle has been completed.


Head Teacher Appraisal Committee

Mrs V Horsfall

Mr J Broadhead

Rev G Newton

Purpose: To undertake the Headteachers annual appraisal / review and ensure the schools teacher appraisal / review procedures are properly and appropriately conducted.


The following committees would meet as required. Membership would be three non-staff governors from the pool, other than the Complaints Committee which would be three governors from the pool but not including the Headteacher.

Staff Dismissal Committee

Purpose: To consider matters relating to staff discipline.

Appeals Committee

Purpose: To hear appeals against initial decisions of the staff dismissal or pay committee or the Headteacher about matters relating to the discipline, dismissal, appraisal or pay of staff.

Complaints Committee

Purpose: To deal with complaints against the school that cannot be resolved by the Headteacher or are concerning the Headteacher.

Pupil Discipline Committee

Purpose: To review the use of exclusion within the school including considering the views of the parent of an excluded pupil and deciding whether or not to confirm exclusions of more than 5 days where a pupil would miss an opportunity to take a public examination.


Governors with specific responsibilities

Special Educational Needs Governor - Mrs N Jones

Governor Training Contact - Mrs D Greenwood

Early Years Governor - Rev G Newton