Attendance and Punctuality Policy


Reviewed: January 2018

Date of next review: Spring 2019



If learners are to get the greatest benefit from their education in school, it is important that they have good attendance and arrive punctually. As learners grow and prepare for their next stages of education and employment they need to see good attendance and punctuality as important qualities that are valued by others and employers. We will do all that we can to encourage good attendance and punctuality. Where learners are not conforming to our high expectations for attendance and punctuality we will put into place effective strategies to bring about improvement.

Reducing absence and persistent absence is a vital and integral part of school’s work.


Attending school on a regular basis is key to your child achieving well at school. There is a clear link between poor attendance and low achievement. Of pupils who miss more than 50 per cent only 3 per cent manage to achieve five or more GCSE’s at grades A* to C including Maths and English.’ DfE



  1. To improve attendance and punctuality to 96% or above throughout the whole school.
  2. To reduce the percentage of unauthorised absence to below 1.5%.
  3. To win the support of parents in ensuring that their children attend school well and that they arrive on time.
  4. To keep good records of attendance through the school registers and to take prompt action to follow up absences.
  5. To investigate and act immediately where unauthorised absence is suspected or confirmed.
  6. To monitor closely pupils with attendance and punctuality issues and to work with parents and where appropriate LA and other agencies to bring about improvement.
  7. To discourage parents from taking children on holiday in term time
  8. To promote children’s welfare and safeguarding.



  1. All staff will complete registers accurately for each session and will draw to the Head teacher’s attention any absences or lateness that are cause for concern or suspicion.
  2. School starts at 8.50am learners arriving after 9.00am will be reported to the office and each teacher will keep a record with their register of the times and occasions that a learner is late.
  3. Parents/carers must inform school on the first day of absence giving a reason and every day thereafter.
  4. The school office will make telephone contact with a home when a child is absent if the parents have not notified the school that their child is absent.
  5. Where a learner is developing a pattern of ‘occasional’ absences the parent will be contacted to discuss the pattern of absences, this will include days off for illness.
  6. The school will use Attendance and Pupil Support Service officers to follow up                        absences that are persistent or causing concern.
  7. Where necessary the school will work closely with the LA to take action against those unlawfully keeping learners from school.
  8. The Attendance and Pupil Support Officer is in school every 2 weeks working in partnership with Safeguarding Support officer to discuss issues relating to attendance and to meet with parents when necessary to support you with improving your child’s attendance/punctuality.
  9. Children who are entered into the late book on a regular basis are also discussed at the attendance meeting and sent a letter home to their parents to be closely monitored and supported to improve.
  10. Parents are regularly reminded about school times and the importance of good attendance in newsletters and on the school website.


Term Time Holidays


Parents do not have a right to take their children out of school during term time. Head teachers may not grant any absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. parent restricted to annual leave or a member of armed forces. 

Families must request permission from the Head teacher before taking their children on holiday (In-writing).          


Before granting a request for a holiday in term time the Head teacher will consider the reason for request, the time of year and the duration of the leave of absence, the child’s attendance record and the child’s ability.


Consequences of unauthorised holidays


The possibility of a penalty notice being issued (to each parent for each child)


The possibility of losing the school place, and the likelihood of being re-admitted to the school


The possibility of prosecution under section 444 of the Education Act 1996 for repeat offences of unauthorised holidays.


Penalty Notices


At Carlinghow Princess Royal School, it may be considered appropriate to issue a penalty notice in the following circumstances-:


  • Holidays in term-time
  • Parentally-condoned absence
  • Delayed return from extended holidays without prior school agreement

Persistent late arrival at school (after register has closed)Arrangements for payment will be detailed on a penalty notice. Payment of a penalty notice within 21 days will be £60 per parent/per child and payment after that time but within 28 days is £120. The possibility of a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record for non-payment of a penalty notice should the case go to court.Non-payment of a Penalty Notice will result in the withdrawal of the notice and will trigger the fast-track prosecution process under the provisions of Section 444, 1996 Education Act If permission for any part of the absence is not requested or a child does not return to school after leave of absence they could lose their place in the school. This would mean the child would have to start a new school. Education Act 1996The Education Act 1996 states that parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring that children of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16 yrs) receive a suitable full-time education. It is the responsibility of the LA to ensure that parents meet these responsibilities. Attendance enforcement is usually carried out by the Attendance & Pupil Support Service who provides an important link between schools and families. The school is required to inform the Attendance & Pupil Support Service if a pupil fails to attend regularly or has been absent for a continuous period of ten days and the absence is treated as unauthorised. Heads can, of course, notify the Attendance & Pupil Support Service earlier if there are areas of concern.


This school will do all it can to ensure that learners come happily, willingly and punctually to school to ensure that all gain the greatest possible value from their education.


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